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Precision Multimedia, Inc.

Precision Multimedia is a leader in providing integrated audio and video systems solutions for clients across Northern Ohio and beyond. Our expertise includes extensive experience in video and audio conferencing, presentation, command & control, and educational spaces.

Video Conferencing

Audio & Video Conferencing

Your business depends on communications. Don't take chances when it comes to conferencing with your high-profile clients and vendors. There's more to a successful conference than simply establishing an ISDN or TCP/IP connection. Lighting, acoustics, echo cancellation, furniture, and ease of operation are all of paramount concern. Let Precision Multimedia design a custom conferencing system, and your next conference can be as a simple as a single button press.

Presentation Systems

Precision Multimedia provides scaleable, intuitive presentation systems for today's classroom, conference room, and boardroom. Put an end to the constant search for someone who knows how to hook up your portable video projector. Our state-of-the-art presentation spaces are designed with ease of operation and reliability as the highest priority from the onset of the project. Each component is carefully selected for the integrated environment. The end result is an elegant combination of user-friendliness and functionality.



Professional Audio

With years of experience in music and acoustics, our engineering staff is well-suited to the design and implementation of professional audio systems for a variety of applications. Our background includes recording studios, houses of worship, stadiums, theatrical performance spaces, auditoriums, and themed restaurants. Each project is thoroughly assessed, as we seek out the proper balance of power and automation for the client's application.

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